fake news

Fake news. An oxymoron in itself. News is fact, as much as can be reported. Accuracy is key. Good reporters thrive on their integrity, their sources must be beyond reproach. Fake people are a thing too. Look at the practice of cat fishing. I have a theory that ‘The Donald’s’ narcissism has had a broader … Continue reading

bare faced lies

I do my make-up on the tube. Yes, I am one of those people who have boundless self esteem and are happy to brave their naked face to fellow commuters…of course in actual fact I am one of those people with an elastic concept of time, and an inability to forgo breakfast just to support … Continue reading

olivia says relax

olivia says relax

 ‘Consider it handled’. What a stressful phrase. Yes I see your problem, I have already analysed the infinite ways that all of the infinite solutions could go wrong and yet I have determined that regardless, one of them will work and so I have already solved this’. Anything for a quiet life, right. But Olivia … Continue reading

wasn’t before

I’ve been writing this specific blog in spits and spots for years but I could never quite corral the bits and pieces I’ve written into one stream. The tone had to be quite right for this blog, it seemed. It shouldn’t be ranting, to avoid the hysterical woman feedback. It shouldn’t be unnecessarily aggressive lest … Continue reading

how the hotel do you get outta’ here?

I have stayed in approximately three hotels in the last 3 years. One, a bnb in sad Seaton on the Dorset coast. Sad, as while Dorset’s Jurassic Coast is outrageously fascinating, and sister towns Beer and Axemouth are delightfully quaint, Seaton is the equivalent of a wet weekend in a static caravan. Several new year … Continue reading

don’t panic

Coldplay wrote ‘Time exists just on your wrist so don’t panic’. Typical musicians with a casual regard to the framework of a day. Yes, call me a hypocrite on that point. Time however slippery is on and in and around more than just your wrist. Until recently it also existed on our kitchen wall actually, … Continue reading

salt and pepper

Source: Alberto Mantilla If indeed the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, surely then, the way to a woman’s heart is to fully charge her store card…? I’m joking of course – for me anyway – as the way to my heart has also been proven to be through my stomach (although … Continue reading

lucky for some

Here comes another year. Another year older, another year out of school, another bill to pay. Another year to travel to sunnier shores, another year with the person you love, another birthday with the friends you wouldn’t be complete without. There is always a spin to put on The New Year, be you glass empty … Continue reading