Happy day

  Image courtesy of gimmesomeoven.com.

Like a lot of you I don’t ‘do’ valentines. Saying that, I may actually celebrate doubly as much as the average cupid catcher. Mainly as February 13th is actually our anniversary so we’re those people out for dinner in the echo filled restaurants of the city (luckily) paying half of what you’ll pay the following evening for the same food. Which is one of many reasons why us millennials are not bought into hearts and candy day.

We’re of course too cool and knowing to be sucked into branding and forced to celebrate anything on demand choosing instead to opt for offensive or non sentimental cards and have dinner at home. The very opposite of romantic. Too world aware to want or need to participate in something everyone else is doing. How mundane. [Unwittingly creating a whole industry around anti valentines which is just as profitable as the industry we attempted to opt out of but I digress.]

Why are we all so keen not to be seen having a feeling? Maybe it’s the cliche of it all, perhaps we are embarrassed at sentiment, too keen to be unique to be drawn into the trivial banality of a mainstream hallmark holiday, maybe maybe, maybe.

I understand that sitting at home in your sweats/onesie/shorts+tee and eating food from your own kitchen, binge watching a boxset is nothing special, is not glamorous but it makes me happy. Your happy is most likely quite different but the point remains, happy is happy. So why are we so keen to devalue the activities that make us happy? Why not choose to do that something which makes you happy with the someone who makes you happy? Be it friend, family, partner or pet.

I mean, sure I’ve had 2 big days; brasserie dinner in torrential rain (oh the British romance), cava bucks fizz and homemade hollandaise (on some actual food of course) for breakfast and boxset and beer Saturday so I may just be fat happy but as I mentioned, I’m rarely happier than when well fed so that was my happy regardless of the date. Friends gathered together for an action movie marathon or traveled the continent to reunite. Family did candles and cuisine. And countless others did countless more. Whether you’re in a couple, or not, isn’t the whole sentiment of Valentine’s about being happy? Activity, passivity, opt in, opt out. So whatever you got up to this weekend, I hope you were happier for it. Because really that’s the point.

Happy Valentine’s weekend all x


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