So something happened in Syria over the weekend, or was it the Gaza strip? Who knows?! I’m unable to process anything without the decidedly discomforting Olympic logo plastered on. I watched 6 of the 7 golds this weekend – all were incredible! But without the lure of semi precious metal suspended on ribbon from the … Continue reading

we’re all prudes here

Hidden in the text bookcase of my ereader are a modest amount of books, lots have been started, some have even been read, the rest Amazon seem to have put on there without my having any input. Perhaps it’s a 1984 style prescribed reading programme? I’m sure it has nothing to do with the reactive … Continue reading

boeing me away

Image from Reverse psychology has rarely been quite as obvious or potent as BA’s new marketing campaign. Don’t Fly is the tag line. #HomeAdvantage is the hashtag. See your house from the window of a Boeing 767 is the gimmic. If you’re tempted, the options are wide and varied, even if the weather will be … Continue reading

veins full of tea

Oh to be British. To understand the royal ‘we’, to love to moan, veins full of tea, mixed feelings on the Union Jack, too lazy to vote, hard wired to be downtrodden, Brits. How did we get like this? We are the nation who once controlled 23% of the earth’s land mass – which doesn’t … Continue reading

a very modern argument

We used to visit. We would plan to come over or go round and share our news. We knew the times of buses, of trains, of movies, because once we were away from the paper we’d looked the times up in or the transport schedule we’d taken from the sideboard, there was no other way … Continue reading

bad buddy

Huge thanks to GMR for contributing to the core of this one. He is the opposite of a bad buddy. There are few tragedies greater than the those which occur under the cloud pocked skin of the summer sky in British summertime. Luminous-as-bone bodies, most recently shielded from the elements under cotton, nylon or wool, … Continue reading

i do

These things are sent to try us, the old adage goes. But when you have voluntarily committed to give up ‘these things’ for 40 days and 40 nights, ‘these things’ seem to be more and more frequently in abundance, trying you. Lent was particularly hard this year, I know Christine and my colleagues (suffering through … Continue reading

job’s a good ‘un

After the scorching week at the end of March, April showers are rolling in a little heavier than just plip plip plop now. I am perched on my radiator, risking hemerrhoids from the direct heat contact. I was previously wrapped in a faux fur blanket & wishing it was a slanket, given that I still … Continue reading

rippin’ the knittin’

When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man…But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years. -Mark Twain I was very pleased with myself in November on a trawl through … Continue reading

no synonym for schmaltz

I can pretty much say I don’t have any particularly stand out memories of Valentine Days gone by. Well, one year I did get roses interflora’d to my work. That was pretty special, but by and large for me – and apparently for a lot of Generation Whatever – it is just another day in … Continue reading